Notes About This Lenten Series

Lenten Series on the Catechism
The Passion of Our Lord

January 11,  2013
“Jesus Christ:  Redeemed Me a Lost and Condemned Person”

Welcome to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church! The is the seventh of what we plan to be an annual event; a pre-Lenten Preaching Seminar on Luther’s Small Catechism.  Midweek Lenten services are a rich tradition in many of the congregations of the LCMS, and historically Lent has been a time of intense catechesis.  Because quality Lutheran preaching and worship resources have become increasingly more difficult to obtain and more expensive to purchase, it is our desire to bring theological quality, sound Lutheran practice, and economy together for your Lenten preparation.

This year we focus on the Passion of Our Lord and the 2nd Article of the Apostles’ Creed. Using the Catechism, Lectionary readings, Free Texts and the 5-part Passion Narrative from Lutheran Service Book, we have attempted to do justice to both the Passion of our Lord and sound Catechetical study.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please keep the date open next year {tentative} as well as we are already planning for seminar number 8;  Friday, January 31 , 2014.

In Christ,
Pastors Kuhlman and Poppe

Worship Notes

Local custom will certainly dictate the orders of service used during Lent, but we would like to make some suggestions for you to consider.  Since this series will focus on Passion of Our Lord, please consider using one of the Divine Services, with Confession and Absolution, whenever possible.  While Vespers, Evening Prayer, and Compline are beautiful services for the evening setting, please also consider a service of Corporate Confession and Absolution (LSB p. 290, LW p. 308, TLH p. 46). Many have discovered that the Service of Prayer and Preaching (LSB 260) is an excellent catechetical service. While many congregations do not celebrate the Supper on Lenten Wednesdays after Ash Wednesday, consider using this time as an extended time of preparation for the Sunday Divine Service.                                               

With our focus this year, you will want to include as many Redeemer and Justification hymns as possible, in both Communion and non-Communion settings.  Some of these hymns may not be as familiar as others, so you may want to pick one or two for your focus.  Of the many wonderful options, we would like to offer some specific hymns to consider.  “Christ Is the World’s Redeemer”  (LSB 539) and/or “Christ Sits at God’s Right Hand” (LSB 564) would each make an excellent theme hymn for the series (outstanding theological content); and while not Communion hymns, would each make an excellent hymn of preparation for the Supper.  “In the Shattered Bliss of Eden” (LSB 572) may not be as familiar, but it is worth learning and would be a good choice for selected verses each week.

Suggested Theme Hymn:

“Christ Is the World’s Redeemer”  (LSB 539) and/or
“Christ Sits at God’s Right Hand” (LSB 564)

Please remember the Lenten hymns that so many of our people love:

TLH:   140-186
LW:     90-122; 208
LSB:    418-440; 611, 560, 531, 610, 544, 547, 543, 542

We will make hymn suggestions for each worship service.  Feel free to adjust and adapt as you see fit.  Perhaps this will be a time for the congregation to learn a new hymn or liturgical setting, one that will be a blessing for years to come.  You may want to enlist the help of your choir or organist to help teach and introduce. 

Wednesdays in Lent

The sermons provided for the Wednesdays in Lent are intended to go hand in hand with a general Lenten theme and are directly connected to the 5 part Passion Narrative from the LSB Altar Book (p. 487ff.) or Lutheran Worship Agenda (p. 20ff.)  A continuous reading from one of the Gospels (Mark seems to work very well) could also be adapted.  Hymn suggestions vary between Lenten hymns, theme hymns, and evening hymns; please adapt to your specific congregation and setting.                 

Wednesday in Lent 1
(20 February 2013)

Texts: The Passion of Our Lord: Part 1
Sermon:  “The Lord’s Supper”

Suggested Hymns:

“Chief of Sinners” LSB 611
“O Sacred Head Now Wounded” LSB 450
Readings:  Passion Reading I “The Lord’s Supper” LSB Altar Book 487 ff. LW Agenda p. 20ff.

Other Hymns:

“Christ the Life of All the Living” LSB 420
“Christ Is the World’s Redeemer”  LSB 539
“Abide With Me” LSB 878

Wednesday in Lent 2
(27 February 2013)


Text: Passion of Our Lord: Part 2
Sermon:  “Gethsemane”

Suggested Hymns: 

“Christ Sits at God’s Right Hand” LSB 564
“Come to Calvary’s holy Mountain” LSB 435

Readings: Passion Reading II “Gethsemane”  LSB Altar Book 487 ff.  LW Agenda p. 23ff.

Other Hymns:

Grant Lord Jesus, that My Healing; LSB 421
Go to Dark Gethsemane; LSB 436
All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night; LSB 883

Wednesday in Lent 3
(6 March 2013)

Texts: The Passion of Our Lord: Part 3
Sermon:  “The Palace of the High Priest”

Suggested Hymns:

“My Song Is Love Unknown” LSB 430
“O Dearest Jesus, What Law Hast Thou Broken” LSB 439
Readings:  Passion Reading III “The Palace of the High Priest”  LSB Altar Book 487 ff.  LW Agenda p. 25ff.

Other Hymns:

Chief of Sinners Though I Be; LSB 611
Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed; LSB 437
Now Rest Beneath Night’s Shadow; LSB 880

Wednesday in Lent 4
(13 March 2013)

Texts: The Passion of Our Lord: Part 4
Sermon:  “The Praetorium”

Suggested Hymns: 

“Jesus They Blood and Righteousness” LSB 563
“Glory Be to Jesus” LSB 433
“Christ Sits at God’s Right Hand” LSB 564

Readings: Passion Reading IV “The Praetorium”  LSB Altar Book 487 ff.  LW Agenda p. 27ff.

Other Hymns:

“Jesus Refuge of the Weary” LSB 423
“My Song Is Love Unknown” LSB 430
“Abide With Me” LSB 878

Wednesday in Lent 5
(20 March 2013)

Texts: The Passion of Our Lord: Part 5
Sermon:  “Calvary”

Suggested Hymns:

“Chief of Sinners Though I Be” LSB 611
“Christ Is the World’s Redeemer”  (LSB 539
Readings:  Passion Reading V “Calvary”  LSB Altar Book 487 ff.  LW Agenda p. 30ff.

Other Hymns:

Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain; LSB 435
My Song Is Love Unknown; LSB 430
Baptismal Waters Cover Me; LSB 616
In The Cross of Christ I Glory; LSB 427
On My Heart Imprint Thine Image; LSB 422

Maundy Thursday
(28 March 2013)

Texts: Luke 22:7-20
Sermon:  “The Lord’s Supper”

Suggested Hymns: 

“Lord Jesus Christ, You Have Prepared” {goes especially well with the sermon}
“Christ, the Life of All the Living” LSB 420
“Lord Jesus Christ, Life-Giving Bread” LSB 625

Readings: See LSB xviii, xx; LW 43-4.

Other Hymns:

There are many hymns with a Maunday Thursday focus, especially LSB 436, LW110, TLH 159.  Please consider the excellent hymn “When You Woke That Thursday Morning” LSB 445 (alternate tune In Babilone).  Any and all Communion hymns and Confession/Absolution hymns are appropriate for this day.

A suggested service for the Maunday Thursday Stripping of the Altar is in the LW Agenda, p. 39-44 and LSB Altar Book p. 506ff.

Good Friday
(29 March 2013)

Text: John 19:17-30
Sermon:  “It Is Finished”  

Suggested Hymns: 

“Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle” LSB 454
“Jesus, I Will Ponder Now” LSB 440
“O Darkest Woe” LSB 448
“Water, Blood, and Spirit Crying” LSB 597

Readings:        See LSB xviii, xx; LW 43-4.

Service: Local custom will most likely dictate they type of service offered on this most somber and holy day.  For additional ideas please see LW Agenda pp 45-72 and LSB Altar Book p. 511 ff..

Other Hymns:

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross; LSB 425, 426
Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted; LSB 451
The Death of Jesus Christ Our Lord; LSB 634
O Sacred Head Now Wounded; LSB 449, 450
On My Heart Imprint Thine Image; LSB 422
Jesus, in Your Dying Woes; LSB 447
Jesus, I Will Ponder Now; LSB 440
Upon the Cross Extended; LSB 453

Easter Sunday
(31 March 2013)

Readings: See LSB xviii, xx-xxi; LW 47-9.
Sermon: “A Sermon at the Cemetery!”  based on Luke 22:1-12

Service: The full Divine Service is most appropriate for this glorious celebration!

Suggested Hymns:

“Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor” LSB 534
“Awake My Heart With Gladness” LSB 467
“New Testament Canticle” LSB 266-7
“Christ Is the World’s Redeemer”  LSB 539
“Christ Sits at God’s Right Hand” LSB 564

All Easter, Communion, and Word of God hymns are appropriate for this day.

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